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Proven Efficacy.
Best Taste.

Six family members are leaning against each other and laughing at the camera. In the back row are father, grandfather, grandma, mother. In front of them are a boy and a little girl. Six Health-iX product packages are stacked like a pyramid.

Fit in everyday life

Health-iX Multivitamin Gummies →
A young woman leaps into the air with her legs drawn sideways and, stretching her arms upwards, laughs. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Multivitamin Gummies.

For women who are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant

Health-iX Pro Baby Gummies →
A young woman covers her pregnancy belly with both hands and smiles into the camera. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Pro Baby Gummies.

For strong
bones and bite

Health-iX Bone Support Gummies →
An athletic boy with a baseball cap, has a basketball on the fingertip of his right index finger. The left hand is supported on his left hip. Behind him is an elderly man, also dressed in sports pants, with a long gray beard and a headband. He balances a soccer ball in the air with his left index finger. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Bone Support Gummies.

Healthy gummies that children enjoy

Health-iX Multivitamin Gummies KIDS →
A young girl in a striped bathing suit and diving mask on her head jumps up laughing, holding a beach ball with her arms. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Multivitamin Gummies KIDS

For an immediate energy boost

Health-iX Energy Chews →
A young man jumps up with both his legs, his hands are fisted to his body and he screams with his mouth open. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Energy Chews

Maintaining good eyesight

Health-iX Eye Health Gummies →
A red-haired young woman looks into the camera and winks with her right eye and open mouth. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Eye Health Gummies

For a healthy digestion

Health-iX Fiber Gummies →
A sporty woman is standing in a yoga figure with her eyes closed on her right leg. Her left leg is angled up to the leg and she holds her palms pressed together against her chest. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Fiber Gummies.

Against travel sickness

Health-iX Ginger Pastilles →
A family laughingly pushes a baggage car with two large suitcases on it. The father, the mother, a boy and a girl are all dressed in summer clothes. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Ginger Pastilles.

For a healthy heart function

Health-iX Heart Health Gummies →
An elderly woman looks at the camera with a smile, holding her hands in front of her heart and showing the shape of a heart with her thumb and forefingers. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Heart Health Gummies.

Stops the feeling of hunger

Health-iX Shape Chewy Candies →
A young woman stands with one leg and outstretched arms on a bathroom scale. She looks up at the camera, smiling. You can see the product packaging of the Health-iX Shape Chews.

So much more than just something sweet: Health-iX is a wide and varied range of high quality Swiss dietary supplements. The products don`t only taste good, but also fulfil a variety of different functions as dietary supplements. The new vitamin gummies and chews are suitable for everyone who leads or strives for an active and healthy lifestyle - for athletes, for desk workers, for children, for pregnant, for seniors - simply for everyone.

In addition to the promised effectiveness, the products focus on excellent taste as well as easy on-the-go consumption. All products contain natural colours and flavours.

The health-related claims of the products are based on approved health-related claims of the Swiss Food Authority, which in turn are based on studies of scientifically proven effects.

Digestion Slimming Aid Energy and Endurance Travel Sickness Pregnancy Multivitamins for Adults Multivitamins for Kids Heart Health Minerals Eye Health

About Health-iX

Swiss dietary supplements of the highest quality. Unlike capsules and tablets, the new dietary supplements in the form of fruit gummies, chews and pastilles taste delicious. The health claims in our products are all based on either clinical studies or official health claims made by the Swiss Food Authority.

The Swiss company F. Hunziker + Co AG is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of confectionery products and complex, functional products with more than 70 years of experience. With Health-iX, the family-owned company, which has so far mainly produced its own private label, is now for the first time introducing its own brand to the Swiss market. All Health-iX products have been produced in Switzerland in our factory in Dietikon.

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F. Hunziker + Co AG is a fully independent and self-financed Swiss family holding company. Since 1930, it has been one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of functional products such as dietary supplements, medical devices, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and food. →